WOODPIGEON - "Thumbtacks and Glue"

CHRIS AND TOMAS - "In to the sun"

SEAHOLM ELECTRIC - "These birds are lions"

ELESSAR - "Sun we rise"

COMMUNIST DAUGTHER - "Lions and Lambs"

OLD MAN CANYON - "Phantoms and friends" EP

WOODFORD GREEN - "Woodford Green" EP

MOTHER FALCON - "Alhambra"

JONTI - "Sine and Moon"

JOSH GILLIGAN - "Flesh and blood"

LOVELY BAD THING - "The Late Great Whatever"

BIRDIE BUSCH - "Birdie Busch & the Greatest Night"

LONE WOLF - "Lovers"

DAD ROCKS! – "Mount Modern"

GREYCOATS - "World Of Tomorrow"

JOYCE THE LIBRARIAN - "They may put land between us"

THE FAMILY CREST - "The Village"